Statute of Limitations and Time Restrictions for Accident Lawsuits in Tennessee

Jay Stillman

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Statute of Limitations TN
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For Everything, There Is a Time…But When is that Time Up?

As you can imagine, we get a lot of calls asking for help from injury and accident victims. In most cases, we can work with clients to resolve their cases and help get the treatment they need and the settlement they deserve.  This includes automotive repair or replacement costs, not to mention medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Occasionally, we provide referrals for highly specialized cases that are outside our areas of expertise. In all cases, Stillman & Friedland is happy to offer solutions to clients.

However, we do get a number of calls where we are unable to help out simply because the prospective client has waited too long to pursue his or her case, or has let too much time pass without medical treatment.

With that in mind, here are three important time-frames you need to consider:

Suing for Restitution:
In Tennessee, the statute of limitations for accident and personal injury is one year from the date of the accident causing the injuries. This is shorter than most other states in the U.S. It is essential that anyone injured consult an attorney as soon as possible, as a lot of work must be done BEFORE suit is filed to be sure it is done properly. The advice you receive from your attorney will have a major impact upon your case and the final outcome.

Contacting the Insurance Company:
Remember that the sooner you consult an attorney after an injury, the better your chances of recovering fair costs. Why? Because having a professional on your side means that you are not battling the insurance company alone. Insurance companies are highly competent in reducing their costs by paying out as little as possible in claims—that is how they make money, and you get less than you deserve. The rule of thumb here is to call us before you call the insurance company.

Receiving Medical Care:
If you need medical care due to your injury, the time to get help immediately. Do not “wait and see.” In many cases symptoms may not be appear right away, but if you don’t seek immediate care they will probably not be treated as if they resulted from the accident. This especially includes back and head traumas.

At Stillman & Friedland we are available anytime when you need us. Don’t wait, call and get the information you need as soon after the accident as possible.

We make it easy for you. You can call or email and get all the information you need at no cost.

Because we care…

Jay Stillman
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