If you have been injured in a car accident in Nashville or Middle Tennessee, there are some very important legal suggestions we have for you.

Injuries caused or aggravated by car and truck accidents can often leave victims unable to work, and disrupt their daily routines. Precious lost time with family, lost wages, unpaid medical bills, and pain & suffering all can compound problems for accident victims. You may even experience difficulties receiving medical treatment due to complications with insurance companies.

Why Should I Hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

Our Tennessee accident law firm will assist you from the first call, explaining all the legal issues involved, and we can refer you to the appropriate medical professionals to get the best treatment possible.

In addition, we will handle all the details for you, and we will negotiate or litigate your case to obtain the best possible compensation for you.
The sooner you call us after your accident, the better we will be able to assist you. Please remember that time is of the essence in auto accident and other personal injury cases!

There are many important points you need to know from the very beginning, to assure the best final result.

Lastly, silence is golden! Do not discuss the details of your case with co-workers, friends and associates, or insurance company representatives. Anything you say can be used against you later, so it is best to let your attorneys handle all matters and communications related to your case.

We are here to assist you in any way possible. We work on a contingency basis, meaning you will only pay us when we settle or win your case.

Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney:

As personal injury attorneys, Stillman and Friedland work all the time with insurance companies, negotiating to get the best compensation for their clients. While clients see insurance companies as service providers, it is important to remember:

• Insurance companies make money primarily by receiving premium payments and investing funds, and
• Insurance companies lose money by paying claims.

While the ins and outs of the insurance business are slightly more complex than those two basic statements, this is the reality that all our clients deal with when trying to receive compensation for injuries. Obviously, the insurance companies must provide a service in return for payment, but if they can keep overall claims payments lower, their profits will be that much greater. More money in your pocket means less in theirs.

In most cases, your attorney is trying to get a personal injury settlement from the other party’s insurance company. However, in quite a few cases, a client will be facing his or her own company. How does that work? In cases where a client is injured by a reckless or negligent uninsured driver, and the client had the foresight to purchase uninsured motorist insurance, the attorney will be pursuing a claim against the client’s own insurance company.

• Allow the attorney to be the sole contact to the insurance company
• Provide honest and complete information about prior injuries
• Use health insurance to cover medical expenses; your attorney can negotiate discounts on bills and increase the amount of the settlement that you keep.
• Seek consistent medical treatment for as long as needed, beginning in the immediate aftermath of the accident, and continuing treatment as recommended by your health care providers.

Remember, an experienced attorney knows your case’s value and the usual rate of financial recovery for your case. At Stillman and Friedland, we are here to offer expert advice and make sure that you get not the minimum insurance companies offer, but the settlement you deserve.

How Damage To Your Car Can Affect Your Case:

Car Accident Attorney Tennessee

By Junior Libby [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain]

What is the significance of property damage to the value of your case? It is one of the interrelated key factors in determining the compensation you will receive. Another component is your medical treatment. A key portion of your case is the amount of medical treatment (not overtreatment) you receive.

The easiest item to put a fair price tag on is lost wages, because there is a fixed income amount either based on salary or historical earnings. The most difficult element of damages, in terms of determining fair compensation, is your pain and suffering, your health and your pain levels. Somewhere in the middle lies compensation for property damage due to collision. Loss is determined by damage or total loss, so that compensation is determined by repair expenses or, in the case that you need to replace the car, it’s fair market value.

When the cost of repairs to your car exceeds the fair market value of your car, you will be paid based on a total loss. Our job is to assure that the value of your car is fair and reasonable.

It is important to remember that there is typically a correlation between property damage and the amount of compensation you may receive for your bodily injuries.

The more damage sustained by the car, the worse the physical injuries will be. This is not always the case, but is the rule of thumb in assessing your case as far as insurance companies and juries are concerned.

If your car is totaled or severely damaged, your attorney will find it easier to get fair compensation for your injuries. Again, while that is the general rule, there are exceptions at both ends of the spectrum and some people will walk away unharmed from a major collision and others will have long-term pain after a minor accident.

To get to maximum compensation, it is important to get medical care immediately after the accident.

Conversely, racking up big medical bills if you have only had a fender bender will raise serious red flags to the insurance company that you are jackpot hunting and not really injured.

• We warn clients especially about extensive treatment with care providers who assure you that “insurance will cover it.” If you are in this situation, ask your lawyer if it is likely that your insurance will cover this treatment.

Since Stillman and Friedland has been in this business for many years, we are your best source of advice if you have any questions about compensation during your recovery process. We are always ready to assist you with our expertise.

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