One of the most dangerous types of car accidents that you can experience is one where your vehicle fully rolls over. Compared to other types of accidents, rollovers have a much higher rate of fatality, causing thousands of deaths each year. According to a recent study, even though only 2% of all accidents are rollovers, they account for a significantly higher percentage — almost 35% — of total vehicle fatalities. Therefore, if you or a loved one has been involved in a rollover accident in Tennessee, make sure to contact an experienced and trustworthy accident attorney. Our Nashville accident lawyers have what it takes to assist you and offer the legal protection you deserve following a major accident such as this one.

Which factors cause rollover accidents to happen?

A range of different factors can cause a rollover accident — from the type of vehicle to poor weather conditions. Keeping these in mind is of the utmost importance when trying to stay safe on the road and prevent a serious accident such as this one from occurring. Take a look at some of the most common causes of rollovers:

  • Driving at high speed – One of the leading causes of a rollover accident is driving a vehicle at an excessively high speed. About 75% of rollover car accidents occur on roads where the speed limit is high — the higher the speed, the greater the chance you won’t be able to react fast enough to prevent a rollover.
  • Hazards on the road – Very often, hazards on the road can cause these accidents. Leaving objects in the road without warning signs or failing to indicate that the road is poorly maintained can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Elevated vehicle – Some vehicles are more prone to these accidents than others. In particular, elevated vehicles like SUVs or pickup trucks are more likely to experience rollovers compared to other types of vehicles.
  • Distracted driving – While distracted driving does not directly contribute to rollover accidents, an inattentive driver (i.e., using a mobile phone while driving), is much more likely to react poorly to an obstacle on the road or an unexpected situation.
  • Tire blowout – A tire blowout is when the tire of a vehicle encounters a sharp object and suddenly loses pressure, leading to a blowout effect. While this type of situation does not happen very often, poor maintenance or a faulty tire installation is a leading cause. A tire blowout is very dangerous and can lead to a fatal outcome, especially in combination with other factors like seat belt failure.

In addition, some inbuilt vehicle flaws can contribute to producing an even more serious rollover accident:

  • Defective glass – When a rollover happens, defective or weak glass can make it more likely for the occupants of a vehicle to be forcefully ejected during a rollover. This is extremely dangerous and most often leads to a fatal outcome.
  • Seat belt failure – During a rollover accident, a seat belt can malfunction, failing to keep the driver or passenger of the vehicle safe. This can lead to the person being ejected from the vehicle or crashing strongly into the glass or the seats in front of them.
  • Weak roof – The roof of a vehicle plays a very important role during a rollover accident. The weaker the roof, the higher the chance that the vehicle occupants will be exposed to a forceful blow from the top, causing major injuries.

Depending on the cause of the accident that happens, different individuals or companies can be held liable. Whether you are holding the car manufacturer liable for installing faulty seat belts, or a negligent construction site has left materials in the road without warning, our Tennessee lawyer is here to help.

Are there different types of rollover accidents?

There exist two different types of rollover accidents — tripped and untripped rollovers.

  • Tripped – A tripped rollover accident is the most common type of rollover, and it occurs when there is some sort of obstacle that a vehicle ‘trips over’.
  • Untripped – An untripped rollover accident is not caused by an obstacle on the road but is rather the result of an avoidance maneuver. When the driver of an SUV or a truck engages in this form of maneuver, particularly at high speed, the elevation of the vehicle can cause it to roll over.

Regardless of the cause, this type of accident tends to cause serious injuries.

What are the most common injuries sustained by victims of a rollover accident?

The type of injuries that victims of these types of car accidents sustain depends on the severity of the rollover, whether the driver was wearing a seat belt, as well as a range of other factors. In general, however, some of the most common injuries are:

  • Back injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Concussions or traumatic brain injuries
  • Injuries in the chest area
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Lacerations and bruises

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