Your Injury and Your Attorney in Tennessee

Jay Stillman

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I’m sure we have all noticed how the pace of life and the spread of information and communications have made a giant leap forward in the past few years. Now, nearly everyone has smart phones with access to the latest information on any subject.

This is truly the age of information. So why is this important? Because now you have choices that you never had before. You can find answers yourself online and no one can tell you something that is not true. Laws are changing faster than ever and what may have been true two years ago, may not be the same today. You must have the latest information from your attorney — information that you can truly rely upon.

We can’t stress enough that you must have a lawyer that is up on the latest changes in the law and in the case decisions by the courts.

At Stillman and Friedland, we make a point of researching every decision from all Tennessee courts and every law when it is proposed, before it is even passed into law!

Having said this, there is still nothing like talking to someone, hearing the nuances in their tone, and judging their sincerity for yourself. The written word is great, but nothing can take the place of personal interaction. This is a point often overlooked in our fast-paced times. You must decide who is the best attorney for your case.

When you need real help, take the time to find someone you know who you can trust. You will hear it in his or her voice. Listen for it and don’t underestimate the importance of the “human factor.” Most importantly, make sure you know who you are relying upon to protect your interests.

Because these changes are so important you must have a lawyer who is aware of all the latest developments in the law and in the case decisions made by the courts.

When you need an attorney, take the time to find someone you know you can trust to keep up with these changes.

Call us at Stillman and Friedland and we are confident you will find these attributes in our firm and our staff. You will truly hear and see the difference!

Jay Stillman
Stillman & Friedland Attorneys