Who Do Lawyers Choose when Seeking a Tennessee Injury Attorney?

Jay Stillman

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Many law firms refer their personal injury cases to Stillman & Friedland in Nashville, Tennessee.

Why? Because other law firms around the country, who are highly competent in their own preferred areas of practice, may handle few, if any personal injury cases. They refer their personal injury clients to Stillman & Friedland because we devote all of our attention to the area of personal injury, truck and car collisions, and work injuries (workers comp). We assure the client the best opportunity for a full and fair settlement or trial verdict, if necessary.

Law firms who are located and practice in states other than Tennessee usually select a Tennessee lawyer as co-counsel to pursue a case whose natural venue is in Tennessee. If the injuries occurred in TN, this is where the case usually must be pursued.

The laws of each state are often different, especially when dealing with time limits for filing suit. Tennessee has one of the shortest time periods for filing suit, which is one year from the date of injury. In most cases and if one day beyond that time passes, the party responsible for your damages legally owes you nothing! To file suit properly, it takes time to investigate and verify all of the details, so it’s very unwise to wait and hope you can settle by yourself. Insurance companies know all the “tricks of the trade,” but you do not, which is why you need an experienced attorney sooner and not later!

Learn from other law firms that choose STILLMAN AND FRIEDLAND, an experienced personal injury law firm in Tennessee to give their clients the best opportunity for a full and fair recovery of damages for their injuries.

Discerning and successful law firms associate Stillman & Friedland to serve their needs in Tennessee for worker’s compensation and personal injury cases. You can also and avoid the pitfalls of unknown rules and laws that can be used against you.

Remember, one year to file suit — do it sooner than later.

Jay Stillman
Stillman & Friedland

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