Have Yourself A Safe and Merry Little Christmas

Jay Stillman

2 min read

No need to be a Scaredy Squirrel, just the basics!

Stillman and Friedland wish all of our clients and fellow Nashvilleans a very happy and festive holiday season! Make this a safe season too by following basic tips for fire prevention from the National Fire Protection Association:

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  • Don’t overload electrical sockets with decorative lighting.
  • Never place candles near flammable items such as your tree, flammable decorations or books and magazines. Battery powered candles are a great idea to minimize fire risk.
  • Recut your tree before placing it in water and water well daily. Trees need a lot of water!
  • If your tree starts dropping needles, it is drying out and should be replaced. A dry tree can ignite and create a major fire with flashover occurring in under a minute—do not keep a dangerous fire hazard in your home!
  • If you choose an artificial tree, check that the tree is reliably certified flame resistant or fire retardant.
  • Turn off electric devices when you turn in for the night, including battery-operated lights.
Deck the Halls with Fire Safety

Work safely in the kitchen too! You can refer to our previous post for full coverage of essential kitchen safety tips, but we can summarize with the following pointers:

  • Shop smart and select food in undamaged packaging. Buy food requiring cold storage last and keep foods like meat, poultry and fish in plastic bags so they cannot drip on other foods.
  • Store raw meats and at the bottom of the refrigerator to avoid dripping on other foods.
  • Follow basic kitchen safety to avoid burns and cuts
  • Keeping hot food hot and cold food cold is the way to avoid food poisoning.
  • Make a schedule for food preparation and use it as a checklist so nothing is left sitting out.
Holiday Food Safety

Lastly, avoid distracted and impaired driving. Drive carefully in slippery rainy, snowy and icy conditions. If you want to indulge in “holiday cheer” have a designated driver, or make sleepover plans.

We wish all of you a safe, meaningful, and Merry Christmas shared with family and friends!

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