Recovering From Injuries and Getting Your Life Back

Jay Stillman

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At Stillman and Friedland, we make it a point of explaining to our clients how they can help themselves heal faster, because the ultimate goal is to make a full and complete recovery from your injuries as soon as possible. We know that is what you want, and we know that is what is best for your legal case as well.

Everyone wants to help someone who is trying to help himself or herself. This is especially true of doctors, therapists, judges and juries. At Stillman and Friedland, we know that the best way to earn full compensation for you is by showing everyone involved who you really are, and that means showing them you are an honest, hard working, and sincere person who has been injured and is suffering due to no fault of your own.

Despite the severe setbacks that injuries can cause in your life, we can show that you are trying very hard to get better, to get your life back, to enjoy your family and friends, and to return to productive employment whenever possible.

Obviously, this is not easy when you are in great pain and know that you have been injured by someone who was careless and negligent. Whether in a car accident or a collision with a tractor trailer truck, you are hurt and disabled and it is very difficult to do the things you are accustomed to doing. It is only natural that you will be angry! Yet, despite this, you still try hard to be pleasant, be positive, and to get the best treatment possible.

The keys to a successful personal injury case hinges on two important objectives:

First, to make the best medical recovery possible from your injuries, both physical and psychological.

Second, to have the best law firm and the best attorneys working for you to obtain full compensation for your suffering.

We know how to help you achieve both of these goals! That is by showing that you are not greedy and not just simply trying to make money off of your injuries.

We demonstrate that you are only seeking what is legally owed to you for all the expenses and losses you have incurred and all the pain and trauma you have suffered, and may still suffer for years to come.

The partners of our firm, Michael Friedland and Jay Stillman, know how to accomplish these goals, and by doing so, make you feel better along the way.

At Stillman and Friedland, we are experienced at being there for individuals at such a difficult time in their lives. We are compassionate and understand, and that is why we feel we can help you more than anyone else can.

Call or email me anytime and I’ll be happy to discuss your case with you.

Jay Stillman
Personal Injury Lawyer
Stillman & Friedland