Phantom Drivers: What They Are and How to Protect Yourself From Them

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Phantom Drivers: What They Are and How to Protect Yourself From Them

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What are phantom drivers and how can you protect yourself from them? Imagine this: You’re driving along the roadway when a vehicle abruptly swerves into your lane. This prompts you to take defensive maneuvers, averting an initial collision. However, your actions cause you to hit a tree, roadside barrier, or vehicle in another lane. The at-fault driver cruises away unscathed, unaware of what has occurred. There are no witnesses, license plate details, or identifiable information, which means you are now a victim of a phantom driver accident. Also known as a “no contact” accident, these incidents are more common than many realize. Things become complicated when a vehicle is severely damaged or if there are serious injuries.

How To Deal With Phantom Drivers

When the identity of the at-fault driver remains unknown, the incident is an issue between the accident victim and their insurance company. Your personal injury protection policy should cover your expenses if you have been injured. The uninsured part of the policy should kick in for the outstanding portion of a claim. 

However, phantom driver accidents are often challenging to prove, mainly if there are no witnesses. As a result, your insurance company may deny uninsured benefits. Some policies require that a corroborating witness must have seen the phantom driver before an accident victim would qualify. For this reason, we recommended following proper post-accident protocols, which include taking detailed notes, photos, and videos. It’s also essential to immediately notify all first responders and law enforcement officials who arrive at the scene that another vehicle was involved in your accident.

Because policies are written differently, drivers must carefully review their auto insurance details to understand what is required to make a claim. Not all phantom driving accidents are the result of unaware or distracted drivers. These incidents are often criminal hit-and-run, so law enforcement must be immediately notified. The sooner the authorities are aware of the full details of your accident, the easier it will be to track down the other at-fault driver.


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