If You Smoke, It’s Time To Stop – Accident Recovery Tips

Jay Stillman

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Cigarette Smoking Recovery
Credit: A. Sanchelli, USAF [Public Domain]

With all we post here on the Stillman and Friedland blog about avoiding injury, healing, diet and healthy living, one of the the most important topics of all is smoking cessation.

If you are a smoker, we have posted some information below that will help you take the first steps in quitting and staying on track — check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

It you are reading this on our blog, chances are you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident. It is important to remember that smoking makes it a lot harder to recover from your injuries, in many different ways.

We see a lot of orthopedic injuries, especially neck and back as well as to other joints. Your body’s natural circulatory system is a major factor in healing from injuries. It works to reduce inflammation and to move broken particles out of the injured parts of your body. Better circulation means more oxygen and other healing hormones can circulate to the areas that are hurting. Smoking can affect that entire process.

If you need surgery, smoking is a factor that can inhibit your success rates, lengthen your healing process, and add to the pain associated with medical procedures.   If you are injured, now is the time to stop smoking because it can potentially slow down your recovery.

Check out the information contained in this link and get to work!

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