Helping Our Heroes

Jay Stillman

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In our last post, we mentioned that the Veterans’ Administration has been failing our U.S. Military Veterans. Just last week, on June 30th, Fox News reported that a whistleblower in Illinois is claiming that the VA destroyed over 10,000 veterans’ health benefits requests. This adds insult to injury when the number of VA negligent homicide/wrongful death claims resulting from delayed appointments have yet to be totaled, but will probably climb into the hundreds. In addition, failing psychological care is taking its toll in the form of veteran suicides, and the VA has a poor record of frequent malpractice.

As if all this weren’t enough, both the delay in replacing the previous VA administrator, and the generally slow-moving nature of government will cause veterans to continue to suffer for some time until the situation might be corrected.

If you are a military veteran who has suffered from the negligent policies of the VA, what are your options?

The best option, if you have suffered serious injury due to a delay in treatment of negligent treatment, is to file a claim with the VA. It can be a lengthy process, and complex. In these cases, you should consult an attorney. That’s why we are here for you.

Stillman & Friedland will investigate your case, and help you recover what you are entitled to. Our veterans have given their all for our safety, the least we can do is give them the best treatment America can offer!

All Americans should be concerned about this issue. Let your Congressional representatives know you care! Click on their email links to contact your elected officials:

Senators (All Tennesseans):

Lamar Alexander

Bob Corker

Congressional Representatives by Local District:

1st Phil Roe

2nd John Duncan, Jr.

3rd Chuck Fleischmann

4th Scott Desjarlais

5th Jim Cooper

6th Diane Black

7th Marsha Blackburn

8th Steve Fincher

9th Steve Cohen

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