Dealing With Insurance Adjusters After an Accident

Jay Stillman

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How can you avoid the tricks and traps set by insurance adjusters that deprive you of a full and fair compensation?

At Stillman and Friedland, our injury attorneys have been dealing with the insurance adjusters for 30 years and can offer you assistance in these matters.

Imagine this: You are injured in a truck or car accident, you are laid up in bed, you can’t work, your car is totaled, and now an insurance adjuster is calling you every day, asking questions and offering to settle your case as soon as possible.

Why is he or she doing this and what is the rush?

Remember, the insurance adjusters are professionals. They also know all of the techniques (psychological and practical) to disarm you and convince you to deal with them. They want you to believe that you don’t need an attorney and that it will only cost you money. They then ask questions, take recorded statements, and try to get you to settle as soon as possible. Why is this?

The answer is simple: The sooner you settle your claim, the more money they save, and the less you will receive for injuries you may not even know you have!

You may still be in pain and still being treated by your doctors, but the insurance company does not care — they want you to settle, now!

They will tell you that you can trust them and discourage you from seeking a lawyer. Never mind that it is their job to reduce payments to you as much as possible, and that they get rewarded for closing cases as quickly and as cheaply as possible. You must realize that this is directly opposed to your interests in receiving full compensation for all your injuries, suffering, expenses, lost wages, and much more. And keep in mind, all of these dynamic variables can only be fully assessed and evaluated after you have made as complete of a recovery as possible.

The minute you settle and sign a release, the accident case is closed forever. You can never come back — no matter what!

The insurance adjusters are professionals, as are we, but remember the following: What is best for them is terrible for you, and what is best for you is also best for us! The more we recover for you, the more we earn ourselves. Our interests are aligned with yours, not the other way around.

With this knowledge, it is imperative that you call Stillman and Friedland, as soon as you are injured in an accident, before you talk to the insurance company and before you give them any statements they will use against you later.

We will answer your questions, share our advice with you at no charge, whether you hire us or not! Why? Because we care about you and we don’t want you to be a victim of a shrewd insurance adjuster trying to trick you. Helping you with this information, regardless of whether you hire us or not, is the right thing to do.

The factors that determine how much your case is worth have been developed over hundreds of years of laws and court decisions. You cannot know all of this, but we do, and we put it to work for you!

Call our law office as soon as you, or someone you know, has been injured. You deserve our experience.

Let us work for you — you’ll be glad you did!

Jay Stillman
Personal Injury Attorney
Stillman & Friedland
Nashville, TN