Cell Phones and Driving in Tennessee Can be a Deadly Combination

Jay Stillman

1 min read

Due to the advancement of cell phone technology, the term “texting while driving” is a bit outdated. With the ability to surf the Internet, check emails, and use a web browser pretty much anywhere imaginable, the newest deadly trend on the road is using a cell phone while driving. Along with talking and texting, these can all be very dangerous combinations.

There is a simple solution to this growing problem….Don’t Do It!

If you are the victim of a collision and suspect the driver who hit you was using his or her phone, make a note of it, ask any witnesses, and be sure to TELL THE POLICE OFFICER ON THE SCENE.

If a phone was nearby at the time of the accident, document this fact as it can be verified by cell phone records. This is a serious matter and an aggravating factor the general public and juries have no tolerance for.

As a safe and careful driver, be sure that you concentrate on the road. Save the calls, texts, and emails for later.

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