Winter Weather Accident Attorney in Nashville: Safety Tips

Jay Stillman

2 min read

As we approach another winter season with rain, snow, ice and cold, residents of Nashville and surrounding areas should be prepared to exercise additional caution while operating a motor vehicle or walking in poor weather.

Driving in wintery weather can be extremely treacherous and wet conditions can cause a loss of control as you are driving. As a precaution, reducing your speed at least by 10% when roads are wet is recommended.

If the temperature is at or near freezing (32 degrees), be especially careful on bridges, ramps, and other roadway inclines or declines.

If you must drive in snow or ice, let some air out of your tires, put extra weight in your trunk, and stay far away from the shoulders on the road, as well as other drivers.

When walking to or from your car or your home, watch your steps carefully. Although your path may seem clear, it’s very easy to slip and fall on even the smallest patch of ice.

Expect floors to be slippery in stores. Be mindful of yellow floor signs and exercise extra caution when they are present.

Following these simple safety reminders can prevent injuries during the upcoming season and avoid a lot of pain and suffering.

In the event you have had an accident and suffered injuries, call the attorneys at Stillman and Friedland today and we will advise you of your options.

As a proactive measure, be sure to download our brand new accident app that well help you in the event of an accident and/or personal injury.

Have a safe and enjoyable winter and holiday season!