Truck Driver Involved In Deadly Crash Was Using Facebook

Jay Stillman

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Don’t assume big trucking companies act responsibly!

You may think a nationwide corporation transporting extremely dangerous fuel would know what they are doing and would act with the highest standards of care — well, think again!

Take a look at the video posted below involving a recent collision of a fuel tanker truck, which killed a police officer who was working a crash scene and injured others. The truck driver was arrested and it has been discovered he was surfing his phone at the time, looking on Facebook at distracting and provocative photos.

If you think all truck drivers are professional, responsible and take their responsibilities seriously, think again.

If you think corporate executives responsible for policies and hiring practices screen drivers properly, think again.

This story is not an isolated incident. Unfortunately, it is all too common on our millions of miles of interstates and city roads in America.

Be careful, watch out for the big trucks, and drive defensively!

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This story is a sobering reminder of the dangers that exist on our roadways. Stay safe on the highways this holiday season.

Jay Stillman
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