Tools for Better Driving: Avoiding Traffic Tie-Ups

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Jay Stillman

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Stillman & Friedland are here to help you if you have an accident, but we prefer to help you stay safe. In this post, we cover handy ways to get where you are going quickly and safely.

How many times have you had an important meeting or appointment you had to be on time for, only to have a traffic snarl slow you to a crawl? gives real-time accident reports to help you avoid trouble spots. There are several ways to search and check your route. You can click on the map feature, look at the current feed for accidents on major roads, or even check only the specific highway you are on. The alerts will also tell you if the road is closed because of an accident.

For example, a rush hour message may read: “at James Robertson Pky Exit 85 – Accident. Queuing traffic for 4 miles,” or “Road is closed between I-65 and I-40 Exit 82 – Road closed due to an accident”. Information regarding slow-downs due to construction work also appears in the live feed information.

But once you jump off the highway to dodge the miles-long back-up, how do you get to your destination? A handy smart-phone app called Waze accumulates data from drivers’ reports regarding road conditions, like Navbug, but it also helps you get to your destination.

Waze gives you a route plan which combines routes with live information to give you the shortest and fastest way to get there. An important feature is that it adapts in real-time to changing conditions—either traffic problems that pop up, or if you somehow manage to miss a turn. Waze simply re-orients itself via GPS and gives you the route to get back on track.

According to a Waze survey:

“If you’re wondering why there is always traffic on your journey, it’s because 63% of drivers take the same route to and from work every day. At Waze, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we can provide you with the fastest route anywhere – so if it is out of your comfort zone, trust us and take it! ”

We highly recommend using both of these resources. Navbug is great to check before you get on the road, or if you stop. Obviously, reading your phone as you are driving is a bad policy, because distracted driving is always risky.

Waze is great when you are on the road because when you use the voice directions, you don’t even have to look at your phone. The app alerts you in advance of your upcoming turn and just before. Knowing that you will never really get lost helps you drive safely and confidently without worrying about anything but the road.

Check out this short video below about Waze — it’s free for Android and iPhone apps:

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