Tips To Remember When Riding Double on Motorcycle

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Tips To Remember When Riding Double on Motorcycle

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Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience, and the excitement is heightened when having a passenger riding with you – especially if it’s your passenger’s first time. However, keeping safety in mind while being the driver or passenger on a motorcycle is essential. In this article, we’ll go over some tips to remember when riding double on a motorcycle.

Tips for the Motorcycle Driver

#1 Be Aware That Your Motorcycle Will Behave Differently

Your bike will act differently when you have a passenger. For instance, accelerating will demand more power, and slowing down and stopping will take longer. Also, making turns may be more be difficult to control, especially if the passenger is inexperienced. Your riding technique will need to be adjusted for each of these circumstances. Remember that when you transport someone, you assume responsibility for their life and safety.

#2 Check Your Suspension And Brakes

Your motorcycle will be heavier when you add a passenger, affecting the suspension, acceleration, and braking. Ensure your suspension is set up for the added weight and that your brakes are in good working order to help you stop the heavier load. Additionally, look for weight restrictions in the owner’s manual.

Extra tips for the driver:

  • Make sure your passenger wears gear that fits properly.
  • Avoid driving too quickly or leaning too sharply.
  • If you frequently travel with a passenger, you might want to buy passenger handholds.

Tips for Motorcycle the Passenger

#1 Mount the Bike Carefully

Make sure to gently mount the bike and do so only after ensuring your driver is prepared. This requires you to ensure that the driver has engaged the motorcycle’s front brake and that the driver’s feet are firmly planted on the ground.

You can swing one leg over the seat of the motorcycle if you are tall enough to do so while keeping the other leg on the ground. If your bike is tall, the footpeg may be necessary to step up.

#2 Maintain Your Balance

Being active is another recommendation for passengers riding motorcycles. This requires you to be conscious of your bike’s movements and to respond to them appropriately and swiftly. You should, for instance, follow your driver and lean into turns just like they do. Additionally, you’ll need to be ready for stops and avoid slamming into your driver’s back when they apply the brake.

Extra tips for the passenger:

  • When the kickstand is in place, and the driver instructs you to mount the bike, do so.
  • To hold on properly, place your hands around the driver’s waist.
  • Avoid making quick moves that can impact how the motorcycle handles.
  • Never take your feet off of the footpegs when coming to a stop.


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