Thanksgiving Week Safety Reminders For Tennesseans

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Thanksgiving Week Safety Reminders For Tennesseans

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Yet another Thanksgiving is upon us, and at Stillman and Friedland, we want to wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season. This is the time of year when accidents and injuries are on the rise, both at home and on the roadways, so now is a good time to review important safety reminders to ensure a safe and incident-free holiday season. In this article, we’ll go over some Thanksgiving week safety reminders for Tennesseans to keep in mind.

Drive With Caution

Known as “Black Wednesday,” the night before Thanksgiving day is one of the most dangerous and deadly times of the year to be driving. Increased roadway congestion from holiday travelers, along with distracted and intoxicated drivers, can combine for potentially dangerous and tragic situations. If at all possible, we recommend avoiding traveling during this day, especially at nighttime.

Increased Law Enforcement Presence

The Tennessee Highway Patrol has announced plans to beef up enforcement actions in the coming week, which aim to nab intoxicated and impaired drivers. Sobriety checkpoints and an increased trooper presence will be in effect during Thanksgiving week, particularly along the I-40 corridor. If you have plans that involve alcohol, be sure to have a designated driver or use a third-party transportation service such as Uber, Lyft, or a taxi.

Safety Tips for Deep Frying a Turkey

Accidents at home are also a risk, and this is primarily due to fires associated with deep-frying turkeys. For safety reasons, oven-roasting a turkey is the recommended way to go, but if you choose to use a deep-fryer, here are some essential safety tips:
  • Always fry your turkey outdoors and away from any buildings, structures, or trees.
  • Make sure the turkey is fully defrosted to prevent a boil-over effect.
  • Remove any water or moisture from your turkey or the cooking pot.
  • Never leave the deep fryer unattended, and always keep it away from children.

Holiday Lights

Thanksgiving weekend is the unofficial kickoff to the holiday lighting season, and many residents will begin setting up during this time. However, before stringing up your lights, be sure to review important safety rules to prevent accidents and fires. These include:
  • Changing out broken or non-functioning bulbs
  • Using a sturdy and secure ladder for support
  • Avoiding the use of lights labeled for indoor use on the outside of your home
  • Using plenty of surge protectors and grounded (3-pronged) extension cords
  • Limiting light connections to only three strands


We hope these Thanksgiving week safety reminders for Tennesseans were helpful to you. We desire everyone to stay safe, and we hope you find the above tips helpful in the coming weeks ahead. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident this holiday season, please get in touch with our Nashville-based office at 615-244-2111 for a free and confidential consultation. We will be happy to review your case at no cost to you.

Stillman and Friedland wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving and a wonderful time with family and friends.

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