Texting While Driving and Its Dangers

Jay Stillman

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What Are The Facts About The Causes of Roadway Accidents?

The facts are, drinking and driving is very dangerous and causes thousands of collisions, injuries, and deaths in the United States each year and Tennessee is no exception. Prescription drugs and lack of sleep are also common causes of roadway accidents and injuries in Tennessee.

However, most surprising of all, texting and/or using a cell phone while driving causes six times more injuries than any of the above, which includes drinking and driving!

At Stillman and Friedland, we assist individuals in Nashville and surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee and really care about our clients. We do not want injuries and deaths on the roads of Tennessee, or any other state for that matter. That’s why we make it a point to inform you, our fellow Tennesseans, of the dangers of driving under these conditions.

We would rather not make a fee and you not be injured! Yes, that’s right, if there were no more injuries on the roads, we would find another way to serve you and earn a living. In short, we don’t want to earn a fee making sure you recover for injuries you didn’t cause. However, since we cannot prevent accidents, we make it our goal to help you every way possible and to recover everything you have lost from your accident. And as always, we try to inform the driving public about the dangers, and how to drive more safely.

Does it sound too good to be true, that a law firm would really care about people more than money? If so, then call me now and hear for yourself. You decide what is more important to our law firm, your health and well being or making money from your injuries.

God forbid, if you are injured, we are the firm for you. Even better, be careful, and don’t get injured at all!

Take a look at this short video with very interesting information for you:

Driving Under the Influence - Facts and Stats

Call me anytime and I will answer your questions on the phone and “tell you like it is,” because our business is to care about YOU!

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