Tennessee Car Seat Safety Event Reminder

Jay Stillman

1 min read


Reminder! This Friday, September 19th, The Tennessee Highway Patrol will help you check if your child is in the car safety seat that’s right for him or her.


Ollie Otter says: Under 4’9”? Booster time!
At the Open Door Pregnancy Center in Springfield:
September 19th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Located at the Wal-Mart on Tom Austin Highway in Springfield.

Not near Springfield? Click on the picture below to register for Ollie Otter’s free safety information. You can also check out Tennessee Seat Belt Volunteer Organization.

If you would you like Ollie to visit your child’s school, find out how you can book a visit!

Ollie is also looking for concerned parents and grandparents to help kids understand the rules of car safety.