Dozens of Tennesseans Denied Auto Insurance Claims After Accidents

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Dozens of Tennesseans Denied Auto Insurance Claims After Accidents

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A growing number of Tennesseans are being denied auto insurance claims by Direct Auto Insurance after their vehicles have been involved in car accidents. According to WSMV, several dozen insured customers have recently been unable to get their vehicles fixed, including a customer who has been with the insurance carrier for over 15 years.

The Reality of Dealing With Insurance Companies

One auto dealership spokesperson stated, “In the last six months, we’ve gotten over 30 claims that are sitting at several lots.” The wave of denied claims prompted the media to get involved and cover the story, hopefully expediting a resolution for these customers.

The inability to get insurance claims approved can be frustrating for those involved in auto accidents. Not having a vehicle for transportation impacts employment, child care, and many other aspects of one’s life and livelihood. In addition, when injuries are involved, these matters can be compounded exponentially.

Difficulty with insurance companies is not uncommon and makes an already difficult situation worse. For example, if you use your insurance and make a claim, it can be used to identify you as high risk in the underwriting process. The higher the payout for the claim and the more claims you make, the higher the insurance company may raise your policy premium.

Get Help Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Whether you’re obtaining quotes for a new insurance policy, renewing your policy term, or negotiating a claim payout, it’s important to remember that insurance companies are focused on making a profit. They’re only profitable if the premiums they collect are higher than the claim money they payout. If you’re unsure about your rights or facing debt because your insurance company won’t cover your expenses, you may need the assistance of an experienced attorney.


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