TDOT Tackles Pothole Dangers and Other Roadway Hazards

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TDOT Tackles Pothole Dangers and Other Roadway Hazards

Last week, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) launched a new hotline for drivers to report potholes and other roadway safety issues. The unique number is 1-833-TDOTFIX (836-8349), which operates as a virtual call center during regular business hours and offers the ability to leave messages on holidays, weekends, and after-hours. Keep reading to learn more about how the TDOT tackles pothole dangers and other roadway hazards:

High-Profile Accident Caused by Pothole 

The move comes as pothole dangers continue to plague our roadways, coupled with a recent high-profile accident involving cast and crew members of the upcoming Netflix series ‘The Chosen One.’ Two actors died in the incident, and six others were injured when their van crashed and rolled over on the way to the airport. While an ongoing investigation, several sources have cited a sudden maneuver to avoid a pothole as a potential cause.

Potholes are not only a danger for automobile drivers, but they also pose risks to motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. They can also stress a vehicle’s suspension system and lead to tire blowouts, steering wheel misalignment, and exhaust/muffler damage.

TDOT Tackles Pothole Dangers

The implementation of the new TDOT hotline also comes on the heels of news last month that over 2,500 pothole claims have been filed against the State in 2022 alone. According to recent data, the State of Tennessee paid over $32,000 in pothole-related vehicle damage claims in 2020. This data compares to $11,780 in 2019 and $3,972 in 2018. The issue is compounding and getting exponentially worse for Tennesseans, and thankfully, further action is finally happening.


Personal injury claims stemming from pothole-related accidents can be particularly complex. Government agencies, which include the State, a county, or even a city, are responsible for maintaining public roadways. Drivers should take reasonable actions to address pothole problems once they become aware of them. However, proving liability for damages can often be complex, so having an experienced accident attorney on your side is essential.

We hope you enjoyed reading how the TDOT tackles pothole dangers and other roadway hazards.

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