Summer Travel on I-40 – Stay Informed!

Jay Stillman

1 min read

Tennessee travelers on Interstate 40 and other roads can now be informed of road conditions all the time. There are multiple resources now online for the latest real-time conditions of traffic, construction and road accidents.

In particular, there are three very helpful links for traveling on Tennessee roadways:

  1. provides real-time information regarding the traffic anywhere on I-40. Other links are easily accessed for information on I-24, I-65, all within the state of Tennessee and across state lines.
  2. The Tennessee Traffic Road Condition Reports on is also of great interest to travelers. This section offers the latest information regarding traffic and road conditions in Tennessee. This includes objects on the road, weather conditions, and other obstructions to the normal flow of traffic.
  3. The third resource comes from and is worth using for travelers. It provides real-time information on traffic accidents, road blocks, and traffic conditions all along the interstate highways of Tennessee.

With the assistance of these three links, you can plan your trip with confidence and avoid many traffic issues and accidents. Healthy, happy travelling this summer!

Jay Stillman
Stillman & Friedland