Summer Traffic Increase Expected on Tennessee Roads

Jay Stillman

1 min read

As the summer months approach with planned family vacations and kids out of school, car and truck accidents will become more numerous throughout the summer in the state of Tennessee and other places around the country.

Gas prices have stabilized and air travel is troublesome, so more families will be taking to the roads and interstates this summer.

As a result, we can expect to see an increase in accidents and collisions. Therefore, drivers must exercise more caution to avoid injuries and damages. Cell phones should be used only by speaker, or not at all.

Automobile drivers must pay attention to passing trucks on highways, not follow too closely, and drive with both hands on the wheel. Truck and automobile collisions can be very severe, so safety on the roadways is a serious matter.

Be safe and be careful, so you won’t be sorry!

From the attorneys and staff at Stillman and Friedland – serving Middle Tennessee for over 30 years.