Social Media Dangers for Accident Victims

Jay Stillman

2 min read

With the rise of use of smart phones, computers and tablets, it’s important that you use care when posting information on the Internet and social media sites.

If you have been injured, whether it’s at work or in a car accident, you can bet that insurance companies and their attorneys will try to find anything they can about you to attack your character, honesty and integrity. This means combing the web looking for anything that can be used to make you look bad or to make it appear as if you are not as injured as you really are.

My message to you is to post to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with extreme care, even if you are not currently involved in an accident case. Your web presence will remain indefinitely and can be used against you in the future when it matters most. Use discretion when posting to Facebook, Twitter, etc. and be mindful of how this information will appear in 2-to-5 years — or even longer.

If you are currently injured, be particularly careful about what you say and what pictures or videos you post. For example, if you upload a picture where you appear to be running, your claim that you are hurt will not appear to be credible and this can hurt your case in the process.

It’s also very important that you do not write anything on the Internet that could be used to contradict your injury claims, or in any way be used to attack your credibility or lessen the value of your case. This includes writing about sports activities, travel, new employment or other physical accomplishments, including photographs of the same.

It is not below insurance companies to monitor these sites for information to be used against you. Be careful and the less said, the better, especially on the Internet, where much of what you post leaves a lasting footprint that often cannot be undone.


Jay L. Stillman