Serious Back Injuries From Truck Accidents: Do Your Research!

Jay Stillman

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If you’ve been injured in Middle Tennessee, Nashville, Hendersonville, or surrounding areas and have a serious back or neck injury from a car or truck accident, you may be looking at the option of surgery or therapy. There’s a lot you can do for yourself to heal and it involves diet, smoking cessation, weight control, and knowledge of your anatomy and options for treatment.

More importantly, after an accident, you need to learn how you can avoid surgery, and what you can do to help yourself heal. You cannot rely solely on the medical profession to take care of you. you must become proactive.

Even more important, you need to know how you can prevent your injury from becoming worse over time, and how to avoid future injuries which become more likely with age and after any previous injury. the more you learn, the better you will understand your injury and options for treatment.

This link: provides an excellent comprehensive explanation of the anatomy of your spine, how your injury affects your body, and various methods of treatments, complete with videos, diagrams, etc. it is a must for anyone suffering from a neck or back injury.

This link: provides detailed exercises and stretches you can do at home to heal ruptured discs without surgery, including diagrams and videos to help you relieve the pressure and inflammation causing your pain. strengthen the surrounding muscles helps you avoid additional injuries in the future.

Body mechanics and constant awareness of your posture are important to help you avoid back problems throughout your life.

A ruptured disc does not necessarily require surgery to repair, and this information above can help you lead a pain free, productive life for many years.

If you have a serious back injury, don’t despair, there is hope, and much that you can do to help yourself!

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Jay Stillman
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