Self-Reporting Accident System Goes Into Effect for the Nashville Metro Area

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Self-Reporting Accident System Goes Into Effect for the Nashville Metro Area

Effective this week, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) is requesting that motorists self-report accidents through an online portal instead of calling authorities out to a scene. If a crash involves an injury, hit & run, DUI, road rage, or a blocked lane, police must still investigate. Keep reading to learn more about the self-reporting accident system for the Nashville metro area:

Self-Reporting Accident System for the Nashville Metro Area

The new system went into place on August 22nd. Officials aim to free up more officers for prioritized calls that deal with immediate public safety needs. The initial page within the reporting website determines if self-reporting is an appropriate course of action and includes the following screening questions:

  • Do you have the driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle information for all involved parties?
  • Are all involved parties cooperating and in agreement with the circumstances of the crash?
  • Do any of the involved parties claim injury?
  • Are any vehicles blocking a roadway, or do any of the cars require a tow?
  • Does the crash involve a hit & run?
  • Does the crash involve a driver under alcohol and/or drugs?

If any answers to the above questions do not fit the criteria for self-reporting, users then call the Nashville police and request someone to the scene. To use the self-reporting system for minor accidents, visit, click on “Public Safety,” then “Minor Crash Report.”

How To Self-Report a Crash

As a reminder, anyone involved in an auto accident must use caution when they suspect they are injured. Due to adrenaline and other factors, pain from injuries sustained in accidents will not manifest until days or even weeks after the incident. When in doubt, always request medical assistance so you can be adequately treated and your injuries can be immediately documented.

Additionally, remember to document the accident as thoroughly as possible. Reporting includes:

  • Obtaining video evidence at the scene.
  • Taking detailed notes and photos.
  • Obtaining statements from witnesses.

If you need to pursue legal action for your injuries, this information will be essential in building a case and help you get the compensation you deserve.


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