Safe Driving, Tech Tools and Your Court Case

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Jay Stillman

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Cold Weather Accident Attorney
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As many Tennesseans have been doing, we at Stillman and Friedland tried to avoid driving in the recent, most severe weather conditions. While this winter’s cold and ice raged outside, our staff has often worked from home and on weekends to keep up with our clients’ needs.  And while the weather is still far from balmy, when the weather allows, Tennesseans will be venturing out more than they have in the last few weeks.

Even with a break from the worst extreme driving conditions, drivers need to pay attention to road conditions and avoid distractions.  Previous Stillman and Friedland blogs have covered distracted driving issues such as having your kids in the car, and using cell phones, but there is another source of distraction we want to discuss today: your car.

Today’s new cars include visual displays, navigators, music files, even videos and web surfing! Even if you avoid using these tech items while driving, your car may beep because of some minor error, and trying to fix it may distract you too.

Let’s review the basics.  Before you leave the driveway or move out of your parking spot, fasten your seat belt and make sure all doors are solidly closed, and no warning lights are active.  If you need to use a navigation aid, set it before you are rolling, and use the voice directions—they will keep you from needing to watch the screen while in motion. If you use a cell phone app such as Waze for this purpose, this too, should be set.  The same goes for music and any other devices not related to actual driving, such as the backseat DVD for the kids.

There’s no doubt unnecessary gadgets can be a curse, but there are also some devices which will help you out when you need them the most!

If you have an accident despite driving defensively, be sure your lawyer knows the latest on the unseen tech items in your car: diagnostic and vehicle monitoring computers (black boxes), can make your case. Getting the data from your car and the car that caused the accident can prove your case by providing conclusive speed and directional information. This information can be further enhanced if your lawyer accesses video from surveillance cameras in the area. Cameras on emergency and law enforcement vehicles are another source of valuable footage to show that you were in the right at the time of the accident.

At Stillman and Friedland, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest technical advancements so we can better serve our clients with all the means at our disposal.  If you have had an accident, let us help you to get the settlement you deserve.

Jay Stillman
Personal Injury & Accident Attorney