Roadway Safety Tips: What To Do If You Are Being Followed By Another Vehicle

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According to the Stalking Prevention, Awareness, & Resource Center (SPARC), 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience a stalking incident at some point in their lifetimes. And while not a frequent occurrence, there are times when someone will decide to follow your vehicle for various reasons. These reasons could include road rage or a fallout with an estranged spouse or domestic partner. In this article, we’ll give you some safety tips on what to do if a vehicle is following you.

Roadway Safety Tips If A Vehicle Is Following You

If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in this position as a driver, you first need to stay calm. In addition, following the tips below will be beneficial. These tips may prevent a serious or tragic outcome if you are in this situation.

  • If you suspect someone is following you but are not 100% certain, make three consecutive right-hand turns. A car that stays behind you after the first turn is common. The same vehicle remaining behind you after a second turn is a coincidence. If that car is still in your rear-view mirror after a third turn, this strongly indicates someone is following you.
  • After confirming someone is following you, lock your doors and windows and call 911. Tell the dispatcher the situation and give your exact location, where you’re going, describe your vehicle, and describe the vehicle following you. Head towards the nearest police station, if possible.
  • NEVER drive directly to your final destination, including your home or workplace. Leading someone to a frequented place will make you more vulnerable if the person following you is a stranger.
  • Stay on busy, public roadways, and do not go on side streets in unfamiliar areas where you may find yourself trapped down a dead end or cul-de-sac. Remaining on busy roads with plenty of traffic lights increases the chances of your follower getting left behind at a busy intersection.
  • If your follower rear-ends you, this may be an attempt to lure you out of your vehicle where you’re more vulnerable. Remain inside with the windows and doors locked. If your follower attempts to approach or break into your car, immediately drive away. The risk of a hit-and-run citation is extremely low in this scenario, particularly if you have called 911 and they document your situation.
  • In some situations, you may identify your follower and feel their intentions are nefarious. In this case, file a police report and/or restraining order to protect you from potential future encounters.


Having someone follow you or stalk you can be a frightening experience. Remember to stay alert, be aware of your surroundings, and always remain calm to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.

We hope you’ve found these tips informative and that this information is never needed. As a reminder, if you or a family member have been involved in an accident or injured due to the negligence of another party, contact our Nashville-based office at 615-244-2111 for a free and confidential consultation. We will be happy to review your case at no cost to you.

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