Recovering From Back Injuries

Jay Stillman

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Recovering From Back Injuries

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Today’s wisdom comes from Dr. Peter Attia, who himself suffered a severe and horribly debilitating back injury. He thought he would never be free of pain or addiction to pain meds. Today, Attia is super-fit and one of the most intelligent voices for healing and diet, having overcome his own back injury and metabolic syndrome.

Here is an excerpt from his blog on back pain, which also includes his back exercises:

Today, when I pick up anything, whether it be a cotton ball or a piece of paper, I do it with my legs, not my back. When I lean over the sink to brush my teeth, I support the weight of my torso with my arm. When I get out of a car or out of bed I position myself not to torque my back. When I need to lift a 265 pound barbeque out of my car, like I did a few months ago, my lower back is never under strain. How did I learn to do this? Through a very deliberate and long process of adaptation. I had to re-learn how to move, how to sit, how to lift, how to sneeze. Were it not for the long and painful road to recovery I endured, I may have never learned these things.

Many people who suffer back injuries never really recover. When they do “recover” from one injury, the rate of relapse is very high. While no two cases are identical, much of the reason for this lies in 2 factors:

•The injured person does not learn how to modify their behavior to avoid re-injury. •The injured person does not take the necessary steps to strengthen and rehabilitate their back.

“Curing” a back injury is not a temporary thing or something that just happens because we wish it to be so. It is a very deliberate lifestyle change. Over time, as we form habits, we can go from consciously thinking through every necessary behavior change – something easy to do when we are in pain – to a place where the behavior is more automatic. But this takes time.

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