Product Defects and the Important Role of Personal Injury Attorneys

Jay Stillman

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Attorney Jay Stillman

This question arises more every day as new information comes out about defective air bags, exploding in the faces of drivers and passengers. The latest of many involves a Japanese manufacturer who allegedly was aware of, and hid risks involving its airbags.

There is also the uncontrolled sudden acceleration of Toyota cars and other vehicles. We all know about the ignition switch defects on General Motors vehicles. There are many more defective components on our cars and trucks, but these are just a few.

These defects are alarming because they often can cause serious injury, and unfortunately even death. Yet, we have greater regulatory controls than ever in our nation’s history.

Is the regulatory system corrupt, ineffective, or incapable of preventing these defects?

We know we cannot rely upon companies to “do the right thing” and make sure their products are safe, simply because every life is valuable.  We cannot expect them to operate on the premise that “to allow a known danger to be sold to consumers is immoral at best.” This will not work, that much we know.

Is it perhaps the result of greater technological advances and more complicated systems that are exposing more potential failures?

Whatever the causes, the solutions must be found.  In the forefront of the pressure for corrections and solutions is the Personal Injury Legal community.

Yes, the lawyers are the professionals most active in the efforts to make products and vehicles safer for everyone.

When our judicial system is active, such that lawsuits for negligence and careless procedures for testing, designing, and repairing faulty products is healthy, your rights are better protected. The threat of economic loss to companies because of their carelessness and negligence is the best incentive yet to encourage them to ensure their products are safe, before they end up in the hands of consumers. Without such accountability imposed by the plaintiff bar associations and honest court systems, there would be no reason to incur the necessary costs required to assure safe products for all consumers.

The “bad rap” the legal profession sometimes gets, is related to false claims and “ambulance chasing,” often promoting the myth by industry and politicians that legal actions and lawsuits increase costs to all of us. Sure it does, it forces various industries to make safer products and to invest in your security and safety! Without such incentives, the consumer world would resort to “buyer beware,” the motto prevalent only a hundred years ago.

In today’s technologically advanced world of infinite possibilities, buyers cannot even know what to beware of. These are only a few reasons why a strong and active legal system is in the best interest of all Americans.

Do not hesitate to call a lawyer anytime you have questions. We, the legal community, are here to serve you, and by so doing, protect you and make the world a safer place to live in.

Future posts on this issue will address the drug and medicine industry and the food industry. Keep following our blog for the real truth! Or as Paul Harvey might say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”)

Because we care…

Jay Stillman