Pedestrian Safety and Multimodal Grants in Tennessee and Kids’ Safety

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Jay Stillman

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In Tennessee, the State government is improving multimodal access to improve transportation, boost business and increase safety. Stillman and Friedland recognizes and applauds the State’s efforts to improve the quality of life in Tennessee.

What exactly is multimodal transportation?

Strictly speaking, it’s the integration of at least two different modes of transport into one consumer ticket. For example, if you live in an outlying area, you would be able to buy one ticket that includes your train into town and the local bus to your final destination. We salute the Volunteer State effort which pushes the boundaries of multimodal transportation to include pedestrian access and town improvement. As you can see in this video, everyone benefits when broad solutions are applied:

What is Multimodal? And How it Can Help Your Community

This clear-headed and practical way of tackling basic quality of life issues represents the smart use of taxpayer dollars to directly benefit citizens. Improving pedestrian access means that kids have a safe path to school. It also means that main streets can be more accessible and attractive, boosting business and revenues.

So far the state government has completed projects in a number of towns. Does your town or neighborhood have an access issue you think needs to be solved? Do your kids have to cross a busy street—and you wish there were a pedestrian bridge instead? Are the sidewalks insufficient or non-existent on your child’s way to school? How could your shopping area be made safer for pedestrians, including kids and seniors?

While Stillman and Friedland have always and will continue to advocate for safety, if there is a potentially hazardous traffic issue on your kids’ school route, or near local shopping areas, your local municipality should develop alternative solutions and lobby for state dollars to solve the issue. Sometimes a simple petition passed arounds at school is enough to get the ball rolling.

The resources are out there, it’s up to you to stand up for your rights. That’s what Stillman and Friedland do for you on a professional basis, each and every day.