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Jay Stillman

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Attorney Jay Stillman

If you are injured in an accident on Tennessee roads, there are basic details you need to know immediately after your incident. We’ll explain them now

Whether you call, email, or read this blog, these items can be as crucial as your medical care—because they may determine whether you can get or afford the care you need.

  1. If your car or truck is substantially damaged, you should take photos of your vehicle, to show the impact. Take them both inside and outside your car or truck.
  2. Assuming the collision was someone else’s fault—which means liability is clear—we must now determine how much car insurance is available from all sources. This means the other driver’s car insurance, and your own uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist insurance. We have always recommended you should be sure you have high limits of this coverage, it is not expensive, and can be vital if you have serious injuries!
  3. The less you say to any insurance adjuster the better; it cannot help you, only hurt you. Anything you say can and will be held against you! The job of all insurance companies is to save money, and this means reducing the value of your case anyway possible.
  4. Take your time; do not be in a hurry to settle your injury case. You must be sure you are fully recovered, because you can never reopen a personal injury settlement. Continue your treatment as long as needed, and file all bills with your health insurance company. This will save you a lot of money at settlement. Injuries such as whiplash and back pain can have an impact on your health which may not be evident initially. Serious injuries and pain may mask other problems in the initial phase of your healing process. Remember, the body is an integrated, dynamic unit made up of multiple systems, so the impact of injury requires healing on many levels, both physical and emotional.
  5. The only way to prove injuries and suffering is by medical treatment, through your doctors’ records and reports. Be consistent with treatment, and stay on your course to recovery from all injuries.
  6. Never reduce or lower the value or importance of your injuries and suffering. If you think a problem may be related to your accident or has been made worse, discuss it with your doctor. You deserve the full benefit of any doubt, and you can be assured we will work with you all the way, whatever it takes.
  7. We know that no one is 100% healthy before an accident, and any prior injuries or conditions you have are greatly aggravated by high impact collisions. Prior injuries are nothing to fear. We will help you explain this to your doctors—including showing the doctors photos of the property damage to your vehicle.
  8. We will do our best to assure that your doctors attribute your injuries to your collision. We know how to build your case, and we are on your side, helping you all the way!

At Stillman and Friedland we handle serious cases, and we know that this requires expertise, more attention to details, and the best litigation and negotiation skills.

This is our philosophy and our pledge to work for you, our clients.

Our service begins from the first call or contact with you, through positive attitude and assistance from everyone in our firm, during the entire process of your treatment and representation, and continues until, and even after, the final settlement.

We are here for you all the time!

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