On the Winter Roads for the Holidays? Here are Some Helpful Driving Tips

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Jay Stillman

2 min read

In this post, Stillman and Friedland offer you expanded winter driving tips for making sure your car is in tip-top shape for 2015’s belated winter. We shared road safety advice already, so let’s look at how winterizing your car can keep you safer, in a handy checklist format.

Winterizing Your Vehicle

There are four key points to keep in mind.

  1. Visibility:
    • Make sure your wipers are in good shape; changing out the blades is inexpensive and quick.
    • Washer fluid should be replaced if needed.
    • Keep a brush and scraper to clear off windows.
    • Make sure your rear-window defroster is working.
  2. Tires:
    • Consider switching to snow tires.
    • Make sure your brakes are in top condition.
    • Check your tire pressure; according to tire experts, every 10-degree drop in outdoor temperature can mean a loss in tire pressure. Check tire pressure during winter and add air to tires as needed.
    • Check treads
    • Tire chains are an option for snowy road conditions if you don’t have weather-appropriate tires or snow is very deep.
    • A bag of sand or cat litter for extra traction if needed.
  3. Engine:
    • Top up anti-freeze and coolant.
    • Change the oil to a winter formula.
    • Make sure your battery is in good condition, check fluids.
    • Keep your gas tank full.
  4. Personal safety items:
    • Blankets and warm clothing in case you are stuck
    • Functioning flashlight
    • Reflecting safety vest
    • Fully-charged cell phone
    • First aid kit and emergency water and snacks

Act on these car care tips and keep safe driving procedures in mind and enjoy the holidays!