New Tennessee Law Increases Punishment for Gun-Related Roadway Incidents

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New Tennessee Law Increases Punishment for Gun-Related Roadway Incidents

A new law was just enacted aimed at cracking down on road rage and drive-by shooting incidents in the Volunteer State.

Tennessee Law Increases Penalties for Roadway Gun-Related Incidents

Effective July 1st, if a person is convicted of aggravated assault by using or displaying a deadly weapon, they’ll be punished one tier higher than was previously enforced if the incident involves discharging a firearm from within a motor vehicle. The law comes amid a dramatic uptick in drive-by shootings and violent road rage incidents across the state, prompting lawmakers to take action.

The legislation was passed almost unanimously by the Tennessee House and Senate and swiftly signed into law by Governor Bill Lee.

As we previously noted earlier in the year, road rage incidents are on a dramatic rise not only in Tennessee, but around the country as well. Here are just a few shocking nationwide headlines that have made the news in the past several days alone:

Dealing With Roadway and Gun Violence

As these and many other cases have demonstrated, even minor incidents can escalate into deadly confrontations, and it’s simply not worth it to argue with someone while driving. Aside from the potential of a fatal outcome, these incidents can lead to accidents and driving citations, both of which can severely impact your insurance rates.

While the new drive-by shooting law may help curb some roadway violence by landing offenders behind bars longer, it still does not address the larger issue at hand. This includes a nationwide mental health crisis, along with a population that is dealing with a divisive political environment, inflation-related financial hardships and the stressful aftermath of a global pandemic. We all need to do our part and stay calm and patient on the road, no matter who or what you encounter.


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