New Tennessee Bentley’s Law: Guilty Drunk Drivers Responsible For Child Support

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New Tennessee Bentley’s Law: Guilty Drunk Drivers Responsible For Child Support

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In Tennessee, legislation that targets drunk drivers is now in place. The new “Bentley’s Law” makes drunk drivers responsible by making them pay child support if a parent is killed in a collision. It was influenced by a Missouri mother whose grandson, Bentley, lost both of his parents in a drunk driving accident. Here’s what you need to know about this new Tennessee law.

The Story Behind Bentley’s Law

The Tennessee Legislature passed Bentley’s Law on April 20, 2022. According to the legislation, a judge must order anyone convicted of intoxicated or aggravated intoxicated driving to pay child support to any surviving children of the victims until the kid reaches the age of 18. 

A Tennessee man was recently charged in a deadly Christmas day crash that injured three kinds and orphaned.

Children of parents killed in Christmas Day crash could get benefits from bill named after Officer

What Does Tennessee Bentley’s Law Do?

“Bentley’s Law” makes intoxicated drivers responsible for child support payments if a parent is killed in a collision. A drunk driver convicted of vehicular homicide will be required to provide child support to each victim’s children until they turn 18 and graduate from high school.

If the defendant is behind bars and unable to make payments, they have a year following their release to start doing so. The law states that payments will continue until the child is fully paid if the youngster reaches the age of 18 but has not yet been paid in full. Last year, the bill was approved 32-0 by the Tennessee Senate.


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