National Car Seat Safety Week Is September 14 – 20th

Jay Stillman

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Stillman & Friedland want you to know the ins and outs on child car seats. Nothing you ever carry in your car will be as important as your children, so let’s get them buckled up right!

Having a car seat appropriate for your child’s size and weight is a life saver!

Tennessee Child Passenger Safety week is September 14-20. For more info, click here:

And see Ollie Otter’s facebook calendar to see when he will be in your neighborhood!

Here are some key points:

  • Choose a seat which is easy to install and use. If you need an engineering degree to figure out how to put it in and it takes forever to get your little squirmer into it, return it! If it’s so hard to use that you are tempted not to bother with it, it’s no good.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use.
  • Make it a rule that everyone in the car travels with a seat or seat belt, including you!
  • Never move the car until everyone is properly buckled.
  • Use only a rear-facing seat for infants up to 8-9 months. Check the weight limit on the manufacturer’s specs. Use the chart below as a rough guide—manufacturer’s instructions should give you specific height and weight guidelines.

Child Car Seat Chart

At Stillman and Friedland we care about your safety.

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