Insurance Settlement Attorney Nashville for Auto and Truck Accidents

Jay Stillman

1 min read

Because of the skyrocketing rates of insurance premiums, many accident victims who sustain moderate-to-severe injuries don’t have the proper insurance to get the treatment they need. Many people roll the dice with less-than-optimal coverage, which includes insurance plans with extremely high deductables or even worse, no insurance at all. When a serious auto accident occurs, however, this can have devastating financial implications.

If someone is involved in a car accident or truck collision, the opposite party’s insurance company will not pay for treatment unless you are willing to settle and sign a release form. Don’t fall into this trap!

The attorneys at Stillman and Friedland can arrange medical treatment for you immediately, at no cost to you, and we will repay the doctors when your case is settled.

Don’t let the lack of insurance coverage prevent you from getting the best treatment that you need! Before you enter into a settlement with an insurance company, be sure to contact the attorneys at Stillman and Friedland. We provide free and confidential consultations to clients in and around the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Don’t hesitate and contact our office today!