How Dangerous Are Tennessee Roads?

Jay Stillman

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Just how dangerous is it to drive a car or truck on Tennessee roadways? It is actually more dangerous than you think.

In 2013, there were a total of 386,435 people involved in traffic accidents across the state of Tennessee. Of those, there were a tragic 977 fatalities, and another 60,486 people injured.

The total number of collisions in 2013 were 167,452!

The numbers for 2014, to date, are a tragic total of over 140 fatalities, and a total of over 160 large truck collisions to date on our roads across the state.*

Every one of these numbers represents someone who has suffered injuries, losses and disruption of daily family and work experiences. These are not pleasant events — they represent real losses to real people!

The state of Tennessee is working to reduce these tragedies, but some of them are inevitable. The best you can do is to drive carefully and defensively.

In the event you are involved in any accident or collision on the road, call me anytime. I will advise you on how to proceed, the best way to get past this tragedy and to get on with your life.

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