Homeland Security for Tennesseans

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Jay Stillman

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In Tennessee, Contact the Tennessee Fusion Center: 1-877-250-2333 or email tips to TBI or click the link to the Suspicious Activities Reporting Form.

The Stillman and Friedland blog has often featured key road safety information from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, covering a wide spectrum of safe driving practices under varied conditions.  Their information is always valuable, and we feel that it is important to pass on to our clients. Today we are going to discuss another area THP handles, Homeland Security.

As we are all aware, events such as the Boston Marathon bombing have exposed America’s vulnerability to attack.  A porous border and alliances between terror groups and Mexican drug cartels pose a threat, while ongoing radicalization and terror glorification within the U.S. are just as dangerous.

Because the police need our help to stay on top of terror threats, The Department of Justice adopted a program originally developed in New York City for the MTA subway system after 9-11. Now a national program, the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign aims to raise awareness of terrorism and related activities, and to encourage citizen reporting of suspicious activities or behavior.  The program encourages individuals to report anonymously to local, state or federal authorities. It is crucial also for non-terror emergencies.

Many organizations have partnered with the campaign, including colleges, sports teams and media.  Partners in the “If You See Something, Say Something” distribute materials promoting awareness and the key contact information so citizens can report any suspicious behavior to authorities.

Alert citizens are crucial in aiding the authorities.  In 2007 a photo store employee contacted authorities because customers were requesting multiple copies of terror training videos.  He notified the authorities and a large-scale terror attack on Fort Dix was prevented. Another key point to remember is to notice and alert police or security if you see abandoned bags.  The Boston bombers came to the scene of the attack with large backpacks which they abandoned in the crowd.

If you notice any suspicious behavior, whether you think it is linked to terror, crime, drug sales gang activity, or even email fraud, you can contact the Tennessee Fusion Center and report anonymously.  Your identity will be protected by the authorities.

At Stillman and Friedland, we feel it is important to share information that may save lives, on the road or anywhere Tennesseans may go.

Because we care…