Holidays Are Upon Us: Drive With Caution!

Jay Stillman

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Truck Driving Night Tennessee

Attention Travelers on Tennessee Interstates and Highways:

Beware of trucking companies with heavy loads and those who are moving tons of merchandise across the nation in preparation for the holidays. Warehouses and stores must be fully stocked, and that means a lot of trucks moving across Tennessee’s roadways. With lower fuel prices, trucking activity will be at all time highs. Drivers are working overtime and trucks are potentially running without all the tests required by law.

So what can you do?

You probably travel the same routes everyday, to and from work, whether it’s on I40, I65, I24 or any of the other highways with trucks speeding across the state day and night. The best thing to do is drive defensively! Be aware of what is around you, use your mirrors, but turn your head as well and look in all directions. Do not rely solely on mirrors and be sure to leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you are wondering what is considered a “safe distance,” be sure to check out this informative article.

Stay out of the way of trucks and let them pass — they have blind spots in their mirrors, so do not drive side-by-side with them in an adjacent lane.  Use common sense and do not permit distractions, which means keeping your eyes on the road at all times.

Your best defense against trucking accidents and injuries is to stay alert at all times and always assume other drivers will do something unexpected!

Stay safe this holiday season. Stillman & Friedland — because we care about you!

Jay Stillman
Accident/Injury Attorney