Five Common Misconceptions About Lawyers

Five Common Misconceptions About Lawyers

Jay Stillman

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NEED A LAWYER?If so, you need to be aware of some common misconceptions about what a good attorney should be.

Many potential clients will hold these 5 common misconceptions and myths:

  1. “A really good lawyer is in a hurry and doesn’t have time to explain things to me.”
  2. “A good lawyer doesn’t care about me personally — he/she only cares about my case and the fee.”
  3. “The best lawyers will only care about my case if they can make a big fee — they will not care about my recovery, physically and emotionally.”
  4. “Really good lawyers are fighting bulldogs!”
  5. “All lawyers think they are better than other people like me.”

The answer to each if these five statements is FALSE!

Let’s look at these again:

  1. The best lawyers really should care about you as a person. We are people just like you. The only way we can really do the best for you is if we genuinely care about you!
  2. A really good lawyer must care about more than just your case and his fee. Legal representation is a personal service, you must know that your lawyer cares, and respects you as a client and as a person.
  3. A “real Lawyer” is a real person, who cares about more than a fee.  The best representation includes people-to-people relationships, honesty, and concern for you, the client.
  4. Bulldogs attack without thinking and without a strategy. The best lawyers only attack if necessary, they use wisdom and thought to obtain the best results for you. You do not want a bulldog, or a fighter — you want a really and smart honest attorney who cares about you.

A good lawyer, like any good person, knows he/she is no better than anyone else. A good attorney respects everyone, and learns something from everyone. The best attorney treats everyone with respect and understanding. He or she is no better than you!

Summary:  At Stillman and Friedland, we really do care about everyone. We take the time to explain your rights, whether your case is worth $5,000 or $500,000.  We know that respect for others is the most important value, and is the reason we have been serving Tennesseans for 33 years, and going strong!

Caring and understanding your needs is the source of our strength and success.

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