How Faulty Medical and Nutrition Advice Can Harm You

Jay Stillman

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The following information is just the “tip of the iceberg” from Stillman and Friedland, because your well-being, health and recovery are very important to us.

In the past, we have posted information about diet, medications, and historical mistakes that continue to cause illness and even death every day.

Here are just a few of our past articles on these topics:

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These are only a few examples. The truth is, Americans have been taught to eat based on faulty assumptions, poor studies, and economic interests of large corporations to sell prepared foods and medications. All of these points act to further entrench the wrong information into our mindset and promote incorrect perceptions about health and detrimental medical protocols.

Many of the illnesses plaguing our health system today are the result of poor diet choices and “bad” medicine.

That is not to say that the mistakes were intentional when first promoted. In fact, they were thought to be in our best interests initially. However, the plethora of studies and research available today no longer support the “facts” as we were taught them fifty years ago.

Today, many doctors and diet experts agree that our science has been the opposite of what is truly healthy. This is true of both diet and medicine. The problem is, “big business” is deeply invested in today’s food products and medications. So much so, that mainstream medical advice has yet to recognize the new facts and studies.

The list of experts promoting new studies are numerous and scientifically sound. Their findings are linked in the posts listed above, and there are many more.

What does this mean for Americans and for the legal community? It means we can all change our health and by being informed, we can chart our own future of health and well-being. It means that we can avoid medications that hurt us rather than heal us.

Even more alarming, it indicates that there are potential lawsuits looming on the horizon, based on poor medical advice and dangerous medications.

A few examples are found in the news everyday, such as here and here.

The list is numerous and the depth of these problems is alarming. Just one example is:

Misguided low standards of cholesterol levels, leading to poor diet advice, leading to dangerous medications to “lower” cholesterol, leading to numerous side effects and health problems. The illnesses from such mistakes are prevalent everywhere today, only a few of which are diabetes, heart disease, depression, neuropathy, and many more.

We will see many more lawsuits making news as time goes on. It took many years to fall into this mistaken trend, and it will take many years to climb out of it.

The smartest thing each of us can do is be informed, and do our own research.

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