Fall and Winter Holidays Are Upon Us: Be Prepared!

Jay Stillman

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The holiday season is fast approaching and we all need to prepare so we will have a fun, safe and healthy season. This means turning to Stillman & Friedland for help if you or anyone you know has been injured in a car or truck accident.

The most important danger of the upcoming holiday season is the increase in roadway traffic, which includes families on trips and tractor trailer trucks flooding the roadways all across the country. Shipments of products to retail stores has already increased as businesses are increasing inventories to meet the increased shopping demand.

From now until January, traffic on our roads will continue to increase to its highest level in the weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays.

This convergence of travelers and trucks, all within the next few months, will substantially increase the number of accidents and injuries to travelers. The severity of these injuries may increase from these types of collisions.

Even with the greatest caution, anyone can become a victim of a car or truck accident. What you planned to be a wonderful holiday with family and friends may turn into pain and suffering, the inability to work or travel and costly medical bills you owe due to no fault of your own!

In the event of an accident and injury, nothing can undo your misfortune if you are injured, but our law firm will make sure you are fully compensated for all of your suffering and expenses. Money cannot replace what you have lost in the celebration and enjoyment of this season, but financial compensation is the basis of our judicial system of justice, and it is the best remedy for your losses and suffering.

Unfortunately, those who caused your injuries and their insurance companies are not interested in your wellbeing — they are only interested in their bottom line and will do anything they can to save money. This includes not compensating you in full, or even at all!

For this reason, you need Stillman & Friedland. We have 30 years experience successfully recovering maximum compensation for individuals injured in accidents due to the fault of others.

Call me now for the advice and information you need to know at times like this. There is no charge for our help, unless you need us, and then you only pay us when you are paid for all of your injuries and suffering.

There is much you need to know, so call now for all the information at no charge.

Stillman & Friedland are here because we care about you!

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Jay Stillman
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