E-Bike Craze Leads to Increased Risk of Serious of Injuries

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E-Bike Craze Leads to Increased Risk of Serious of Injuries

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With the stratospheric rise of electric bicycle (e-bike) usage during the last several years, there has been a notable uptick in serious accidents and injuries related to this relatively new and popular mode of transportation. Some trauma surgeons are beginning to sound the alarm, with concern over an influx of head injuries, orthopedic fractures, other serious injuries, and even death. Keep reading to learn more about how the e-bike craze leads to increased risk of injuries.

Why E-Bikes Lead to Serious Injuries

The mass adoption of e-bikes has only just begun. With an estimated market currently at around $23 billion, that figure is projected to double by 2026. Perceived as an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation and a cost-effective way to travel short distances, these battery-powered bikes enable riders to move at high-speed rates through an electric assist mode. However, these speeds can reach upwards of 30 mph, leading to serious incidents, particularly when riders are not wearing a helmet or other protective gear.

Concerning Statistics of Micro-Mobility Products

These safety issues have caught the attention of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), who, just last week, released some concerning statistics about the use of micro-mobility products, which include e-scooters, hoverboards, and e-bikes:

  • From 2017 to 2021, injuries spiked 127% to 77,200 for micro-mobility devices, and the number of deaths rose from 5 to 48.
  • The top hazards in e-scooter and e-bike fatalities were incidents with motor vehicles and user-control issues.
  • Battery-induced fires are also an issue, with a recall issued just last week of Ancheer e-bikes for multiple incidents involving fires, explosions, and burn injuries.

To mitigate the risk of injury and accidents, the CPSC has issued multiple safety tips for e-bike and e-scooter riders:

  • ALWAYS wear a helmet.
  • ALWAYS be present when charging lithium-ion batteries. Never charge them while sleeping.
  • SEE AND BE SEEN. Micro-mobility products are small, fast, and silent. Their small size makes it difficult for others to spot them, especially in parking lots and structures. Install bells and horns on your bike to alert others of your presence.
  • Do not make erratic, abrupt, or unpredictable movements.

The main takeaway is to be extremely careful if you own an e-bike. Do not get complacent just because it’s not a traditional, gas-powered vehicle. The risk of injury or death is significant should you be involved in an accident and not wearing a helmet. Also, be vigilant and cautious of pedestrians, automobiles, and roadway obstacles.

We hope you learned more about how the e-bike craze leads to an increased risk of injuries.


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