Diet Info and Cool Cola Recipes: Don’t Be Duped!

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Jay Stillman

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Photo: Bernard Ladenthin (Own work) [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Bernard Ladenthin (Own work) [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Major press outlets have begun reporting on a cash-for-promotion program run by Coca-Cola. Obviously, any thinking person realizes that when a product is promoted on a TV show or appears in a movie, the manufacturer is paying an advertising fee for the exposure. This is certainly the case with cola recipes seen on homemaking and cooking shows.

However, what few would suspect is that nutrition experts with lots of social media followers were selected for their influence and paid to downplay the effects of sugar on health. As we have highlighted previously in this blog, over-consumption of sugar is leading to high rates of Type II diabetes. Once rates of this disease were low and this form of diabetes occurred in adults at or above middle age—now the disease is prevalent among adults and even young children are suffering the consequences of a disastrous diet rich in sugar and empty carbs.

This has not stopped the soft drink industry from promoting sugar as part of a healthy lifestyle. Coca-Cola bankrolled paid out $4 million and gave logistical support to a “health organization” which promotes exercise alone as a panacea. In parallel, Coca-Cola ads tout the idea that if you exercise, consuming sugar has no bad health effects.

In perhaps the most craven example, a scientist who received compensation from Coca-Cola went on a Twinkie Diet and allegedly improved his health while losing weight. Dr. Mark Haub, a nutritionist at Kansas State University, received funds, apparently for this “study” in which he “varied” his Twinkie diet with Little Debbie cakes as well as Oreos and other junk food snacks. When scientists are paid for their conclusions, you can conclude that there are strong incentives to tweak the data to get to those conclusions. Disturbingly, this study was reported by CNN as a credible story.

Conscientious doctors are rejecting these incentives and advising patients to take sugary beverages out of their diets, despite ongoing sugar industry funding of promo items at conferences, etc. It is also up to you to make good decisions for yourself and your family. Good nutrition is important for everyone, but especially for those who are recovering from accidents and injuries.

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