Choosing the Right Injury Attorney

Jay Stillman

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How Do You Choose the Right Lawyer?

With so many choices in Nashville and the entire State of Tennessee, this can often be a difficult decision. Our recommendation is to look for an attorney with experience, honesty, openness, and a willingness to answer your questions and explain everything to you.

Clients usually know when a lawyer is being genuine and really cares, or is just trying to make money from them. If an attorney truly wants to help and cares about you and your case, you will know it. If an attorney is just trying to get you to sign papers and retain him or her, and doesn’t explain all of the information you need to know — be careful! They are probably not the right attorneys for you.

In the 30 years I have been assisting injured clients, I’ve learned that honesty and transparency pays off. I never inflate the value of a claim to induce someone to hire our law firm. I would rather under estimate, and err on the side of caution, instead of potentially creating unrealistic expectations that will lead to disappointment down the road. We would rather get more than we estimate, making you even more satisfied.

A good law firm works as a team — some are experts at litigation, some at negotiations, and some at administrative duties. The proper combination of these talents is what comprises a great law firm and at Stillman and Friedland, we do exactly that! We will always connect you to your attorney when you want to talk to him, and if he is in court, we make a point of always returning every telephone call.

However, there are many things the paralegals can do for you better than an attorney. Keep in mind, they are the ones next to the phones and computers all day, while your attorney is most likely in court, at mediations, depositions, and meetings, so they may not be accessible all of the time.

However, we will always make a point of being available to you, at least within a day’s notice and you can always stop by our office at any time.

We respond to emails 24/7 and post updates and developments on our website and/or blog on a weekly basis.

The key to success is preparing your case for trial and when the defendants know this, they will want to avoid it at all costs and pay to settle!

If you try to handle the case yourself, this is a red flag that you are not preparing properly and this will be perceived as weakness by defendants and insurance companies. Only an experienced and competent attorney can command the full value of your case from the defendant.

Insurance companies are also experts at spotting “bluffs” when they see them and if they know the reputation of your attorney, they know when someone is not bluffing. At Stillman and Friedland, they know we do not bluff and will go to trial if necessary. It takes years to develop this type of reputation in the legal profession and this is exactly what we have done.

Let us go to work for you today! Contact our office by phone or please fill in your information on the right hand side of this page to get started.

Jay Stillman
Stillman and Friedland