Choosing A Nashville Attorney: Getting It Right the First Time

Jay Stillman

2 min read


This may be one of the most important questions in personal injury law today. Any lawyer can advertise, pay to get good visibility on the Internet, and promise you great results. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are right for you.

At Stillman and Friedland, we often get calls from clients who want to change attorneys, but sometimes, mistakes have been made by other firms that often cannot be fully corrected.

So how can you know who to hire the first time? The answer is to hire a firm where everyone cares about you and takes the time to explain the law to you. An attorney should also treat you with the respect you deserve! That’s how you know.

Here at Stillman and Friedland, we have spent 30 years serving middle Tennessee and I have personally learned that respect and caring for clients is the number one priority for success.

When we talk to people who call to ask a question or get advice, we treat them as equally deserving of an explanation or answer, regardless if we think they will be a client or not.

When we do this, we hear the caller’s demeanor totally change. They know they have found an attorney who treats them with respect and these people never forget that. Even if I have to tell them they have no case, they understand why and appreciate me telling them the truth. This is worth more than any case or any fee because I know they will always call me whenever they need the truth or assistance in the future.

That is what we promise to you at Stillman and Friedland. We are personal injury attorneys serving Nashville and middle Tennessee for 30 years. We offer our legal services with respect and care.

Jay Stillman
Personal Injury Attorney
Stillman and Friedland