Quick Tip: Did You Get an Auto Recall Alert?

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Jay Stillman

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Credit: TTTNIS (Own work) [CC0] - Public Domain
Credit: TTTNIS (Own work) [CC0]
Public Domain

The latest auto recall cited by cars.com is for a faulty power steering system in some Toyota models. According to the report, “Approximately 110,000 model-year 2015 Toyota Camry, Camry Hybrid, Highlander and Highlander Hybrid vehicles along with certain model-year 2014-15 RAV4 crossovers” are at risk. The problem seems to be an issue of power to the steering system—and a failed power supply could mean loss of control, leading to possible accidents.

After recently investing in a new car, owners hope that car trouble will only come much later with wear and tear. But the proliferation of recall issues, including the major recalls for dangerous airbags which we covered in this post, shows that both new and not-so-new car owners need to stay on top of all recall alerts.

Stillman and Friedland strongly suggests that everyone use a simple method to check if their car is subject to a recall. Be proactive and use a Google-type alert to get recall notices. It will take you no more than a few minutes to set up an alert, entering the make, model and year.

This way, you will get a specific notice if your car make is affected. You don’t need to rely on the car dealer getting your email correct or of getting a notice which ends up in your spam folder. This also saves you the trouble of checking online regularly.

Remember, if your car is recalled, it is in your best interest to have the fix done as soon as possible as you may be driving in an unsafe vehicle.

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