Are Statins Safe For Lowering Cholesterol?

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Jay Stillman

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I have written before on the importance of diet for health, recovery from personal injuries, and how to deal with less pain from degenerative disc disease and arthritis. There is another topic I would like to discuss.

The unproven, long-time position within the medical community that cholesterol is related to heart disease has finally come under scrutiny by professionals and scientists. However, the mainstream establishment persists in selling an unscientific and unproven way of lowering cholesterol as “healthy” for many Americans.

This past week, this campaign took an even more aggressive policy, as it is now being proposed that Americans start taking “statins,” which are cholesterol-lowering drugs that have potentially serious side effects. This is in exchange for unproven benefits and healthy profits for drug companies and others within the pharmaceutical industry.

Shedding light on this subject, the New York Times published this article against this onslaught of questionable promises of better health made to the general public.

If you have suffered serious illnesses and side effects from taking statin drugs, you may have a legal cause for redress.

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