Personal Injury App Helpful for Accident Victims

Jay Stillman

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“Who Is the Best Lawyer for Truck Accident Injuries?”

“How Do I Find a Nashville Attorney Because of Injuries from My Car Accident?”

Do you ever find yourself asking these important questions on a search from your cell phone? — it could be after an accident, while still at the scene of a collision, or even while injured and waiting in the emergency room to see a doctor.

Doing Google searches on your phone for an accident attorney is not what you want to be doing after an accident, but if you must, the attorneys at Stillman and Friedland have made it as easy as possible with our FREE car and truck accident app for Apple and Android users.

Our user-friendly app takes you through each step — from finding the nearest emergency room, to calling the nearest police station, to taking photos of the scene and your car, to recording any statements made by the driver at fault, and recording any notes you want to remember.

Once this information is automatically entered in your phone, you then push one key, and all this is sent directly to me at Stillman and Friedland for immediate evaluation — all at no cost to you!

Push another key and you are calling our office without even knowing our phone number. You will be speaking with one of our attorneys day or night, to help you through this ordeal, and advise you of the “dos and don’ts.” The right advice at this early stage is critical to the success of your recovery from your injuries, compensation for all your troubles, inconveniences, and pain and suffering!

Any statements and information you save at this early stage are admissible in court and are of great value to your case for recovery for damages, pain, suffering, medical expenses, and many other elements of your case. Once we receive this information we will contact you and discuss our working for you immediately, at no out-of-pocket cost to you!

Make sure you are prepared if you are injured by careless auto or truck drivers. Download our free app now and of course, you can call us or initiate an online chat with us at any time. We are here for you.



Jay Stillman
Personal Injury Attorney
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